The temperature is rising and the long hot days of summer are here again. As we enjoy the warmer weather, it’s important to remember that the summer heat can be exhausting and even dangerous, particularly for seniors and youth. With that in mind, here are some natural ways to deal with the hottest season of the year.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

Water not only quenches your thirst, it hydrates every cell in your body. If you are spending lots of time outdoors, be sure to carry a water bottle.

2. Wear Light-Colored Cotton Clothes

Nature provides a mechanism to keep cool, as long as you wear light clothes in natural materials. When you sweat, the liquid evaporates to create a cooling effect. Avoid wearing tight clothes made from synthetic fabrics since they neither absorb sweat, nor allow air to pass through the fibers easily.

3. Wear Sunglasses in Daylight

The intensity of ultra-violet rays is high in summer months. These rays are harmful to your eyes. Among other things, they can cause cataracts and damage the cornea. Sunglasses filter those harmful rays and look good, too!

4. Cover Your Head or use an Umbrella in the Sun

Direct sunrays during the day can damage your skin and hair. Wear a cap or scarf, and apply sunscreen liberally to any exposed areas. An umbrella is a fashionable accessory and it’s easy to carry.

5. Avoid Going Out at Noon

Plan your day so that you are indoors or in the shade when the day is hottest, between noon and 3.00 pm, even if it’s breezy. Hot breezes can be more dangerous than you think as they give the illusion of cooling while actually burning your skin.

6. Take Breaks on Long Journeys

Long journeys can be exhausting in the heat. Carry plenty of water with you, and take sips at frequent intervals. Take a break after three to four hours’ driving, or whenever you feel fatigued from the heat.

7. Enjoy Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of antioxidants and contain a lot of hydrating water. Aim for at least six servings of seasonal fruits each day. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, and help you to stay refreshed and active.

8. Avoid Beverages Containing Alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates your body and that’s not a good idea in hot weather. Try to avoid it in the heat, or alternate alcoholic drinks with water or sugar-free soft drinks to quench your thirst and keep your body properly hydrated.

9. Eat Freshly Prepared Food

Though you may not feel hungry in the heat, try not to skip meals. Light, freshly prepared food will help you avoid fatigue and keep your metabolism going. If you go long periods without eating, the metabolism slows down and leaves you feeling lethargic.

10. Wear Comfortable Sandals

Closed shoes prevent air circulation and may make your feet smell unpleasant by causing a buildup of stale perspiration. A buildup of heat and moisture can cause fungal infections. Go for open-toed sandals in natural materials such as leather or canvas, and wash your feet regularly.

These simple tips will help you keep your cool on the hottest summer days. Best of all, they won’t cost you a penny. Enjoy your summer and stay cool and fresh, whatever the temperature!