With rising energy costs, saving money on heating bills is becoming more important than ever. There are several ways to save money without sacrificing comfort. Here are five ways you can lower your expenses this winter.

1. Cut Off Drafts

Drafts let cold air in and warm air out, draining the efficiency of your heating system. Check around your windows and doors for drafts. Consider sealing the windows with clear film that will create an air pocket that will act as insulation. Use snakes under doors to block air flow. If you heat your garage, invest in a rubber seal for the garage door.

2. Check Your Heating System

General maintenance keeps your heating system in good working order and helps save money on repairs. Keep your coils and filters clean. You should have a technician give your system a checkup at the start of each season. Be sure that all vents are uncovered and that no furniture is restricting air flow.

3. Use Curtains

Put your drapes to work for you. Choose heavy curtains that fit the windows. Open them during daylight hours to allow solar heat to enter. At sunset close the drapes to act as insulation and hold heat in.

4. Insulate

A properly insulated home will have you a bundle on heating costs. Putting thicker insulation on the roof and exterior walls can be an expensive endeavor, but in the long run, you will save money and be much warmer. Don’t forget to also put an insulation jacket on your water heater too.

5. Lower the Temperature

A home doesn’t need to be in the 70s all the time. Turn the thermostat down to 68 before leaving the house and before bed at night. The temperature will still be relatively comfortable and your energy bill will be lower. Plus, it’s an excuse to snuggle up under a blanket.

Saving money is a great thing at any time of the year and keeping your home warm is essential in the winter. We can help. Either being your furnace, fireplace, hot water tank or heating, we’ve got the experience and parts to keep you going thru the long winter months. Call or email to set up a time for service. Enjoy the season and a healthier bank account.