When school starts, and the colder weather arrives, there seems to be less opportunity for children to play outside. You can remedy that by using these 12 outside activities for kids in the fall to get them out in the fresh air.

1. Go bird watching. Looking for feathered friends is an uncomplicated activity that keeps children outside. Many species of birds travel through areas during the fall migration. Get a list for your region and start checking them off.

2. Take a colorful walk. Walking may seem a tedious activity, but you can turn it into an adventure. Make a game of finding colored leaves or pine cones. Take some home to use in crafts.

3. Play sports games. In the early days of autumn, there is still enough daylight and warmth to spend time on a field playing sports games. Activities like baseball, soccer, and football provide fun and exercise for all ages.

4. Do some gardening. Fall is the time to plant bulbs to enjoy in the spring. Your little helpers will get some healthy exercise and science lessons while they dig in the dirt.

5. Clean up the leaves. The fall classic of raking, piling, and jumping in leaves is always an excellent source of exercise and fun. If you need to clean up the yard, give the job to the kids and let them do it their way.

6. Go biking. Fall can still be ideal for cycling tours before the colder weather comes. You can adjust this excellent family activity to suit all ages and abilities. Combine it with bird watching or leaf collecting.

7. Visit a farm. Take the kids to a pumpkin, apple or corn farm. Fall favorites include picking out pumpkins for Halloween and trying to find your way through a corn maze. It makes for an excellent family weekend outing.

8. Have a picnic. Just because summer is over does not mean you can’t enjoy a picnic. There are plenty of beautiful days in autumn to pack a lunch and head to your favorite park or campground. Combine it with a hike for added exercise.

9. Do some stargazing. All activities do not have to take place during daylight. The autumn sky can be spectacular on a cloudless night. Take the children out before bedtime to learn about constellations and encourage cosmic wonder.

10. Go to the farmer’s market. Local produce is a yummy treat in autumn. Take the kids shopping for supper at your local stand. Make it an adventure and enlarge their palate by trying something new.

11. Have a campfire. Fall is the perfect time for a fire in the backyard or local campground. Add songs, marshmallows and hot chocolate to this perfect family weekend activity and build lasting memories. Remember to check out local regulations.

12. Play in the yard. There is nothing wrong with letting children make their own fun in the garden. However, be sure to supply them with plenty of outdoor toys and props. They will entertain themselves for hours.

Do not fret when the shorter days of autumn arrive. You can use these 12 outside activities for kids in the fall to keep your children active and outside. Meanwhile, make sure you are ready for the colder weather. For a worry free heating season, you can opt for our AirCare Protection Plan which includes 24hr service, parts and inspection and cleaning.