There were a few days earlier this month that felt like we were in the tropics! The sun was hot and the humidity made it feel well into the 30′s. Needless to say, the record breaking heat wave here in Bolton and across much of Southern Ontario set the stage for what looks to be a great summer!

And of course, with the heat there are some “Do it yourself” tips on prepping your AC to start up for the first time this season.

And remember, cold air falls and hot air rises, so the second floor of most homes is the hardest to cool. Try closing all the vents in the basement, including the return air vents. You want to draw the heat from the first and second floors to condition it.

Drawing from the basement doesn’t help distribute cool air throughout the home, like some people think. The whole volume of air from the entire house has to pass through the coil in the furnace 3 times before it’s fully dehumidified and conditioned.

If you perform all of these central air conditioning maintenance steps and you’re still not getting enough cooling power, your A/C unit should be looked at by a professional. Central air conditioners don’t normally need much professional maintenance, but sometimes they’ll lose refrigerant over the winter, or a rodent may have done some damage to the wiring outside. And there can be other, unforeseen issues that require professional maintenance or repair.

If you make a point of following these central A/C maintenance tips every spring, your summers will be a lot more comfortable. And keep in mind, there are still some government rebates for switching A/C!