The cool fall breeze is in the air and so is the preparation for the winter months here in Ontario.

Your furnace can be cleaned and inspected in the fall for the upcoming heating season. You may require the filters to be cleaned or changed. This can be done by the home owner or a licensed technician. If there is a humidifier on the furnace, the pad should be changed or cleaned before it is activated. Flow thru humidifiers still require maintenance due to the possibility of clogged drains. Newer equipment can be looked at every second year.

We provide a 26 point inspection which includes calibration of the furnace to operate at manufacturer specifications, giving it peak performance. This includes inspecting the heat exchangers and checking for carbon monoxide. We recommend older equipment be serviced every year for peak efficiency and safety concerns. Our 26 point cleaning and inspection starts at $110.00, depending on your region.

For a worry free heating season, you can opt for our AirCare Protection Plan which includes 24hr service, parts and inspection and cleaning.